Use the possibilities of this interesting procedure. If metal spinning is used by a specialist, no other forming process, especially for single pieces or small series, achieves its economic efficiency.

aluminium copper brass steel titan stainless steel Hastelloy

The origin of
metal spinning lies in the embossing process.  It is the most economical forming process especially for single pieces or small series; it belongs to the so-called non-cutting forming process as does deep drawing. In addition to traditional manual pressing, hydraulic and CNC replay technology are also used. Round, flat sheet metal discs, the discs, are usually the starting material. These are pressed around a wooden or steel mould, the spinning mould, by means of rollers or rods; in the case of rotationally symmetrical hollow bodies, this mould rotates. In most cases, the rotating tool has the inner contour of the product to be produced, and the back pressure only attacks locally. Finishing of the workpiece includes grinding, calibrating, stamping, folding, border crimping and trimming. We have developed special trimming machines with 8-axis control for these operations - also for deep-drawn parts.