1927 Founding metal spinning factory Gottlieb Kunz, Allenbergstrasse, Stäfa
 1957 Takeover by Mr. Gody Gut, metal spinning factory G. Gut
 1960 Metall spinning factory G. Gut takes over the Hans Pierson punching factory in Tann-Rüti
 1963 Foundation of G. Gut AG, metal forming
 1968 The new deep drawing production area is set up
 1970 Foundation of a branch for mechanical processing in Bäretswil
with a focus on toolmaking
 1973 The new building at vorderen Püntacherstrasse 3 is occupied and
the company in Tann-Rüti is closed down
 1984 Takeover of G. Gut AG by P. Widmer
 1987 The Mechanik branch in Bäretswil is shut down and relocated to Stäfa.
 1997 Successful conclusion of the project de-icing lip of the company Pilatus and
Approval as main supplier for this important component
 2006/2007 New foundation of Gut Metallumformung AG and takeover of the
Business activities of G. Gut AG by M. Klinger
 2007 Admission as a new partner of the virtuellen Fabrik a B2B network for mechatronics
 2016 Takeover of Gerber Umformtechnik in Horgen
 2016 Location Stäfa is dissolved and moved to Hombrechtikon to larger premises